Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One small step

In our home we celebrate the little milestones. The small steps that others with typical children might take for granted.  Yesterday evening Olivia and her dad returned home from town.  Her dad said with extreme excitement, "You should have seen her!"  He told me "she lit up light a lightbulb" when she did something all by herself.  A small feat that she has never done in 6 years.  

Where there is a high point, there soon followed a low point.  While trying to explain to me what she had accomplished, she wasn't able to tell me.  One problem Olivia struggles with is memory, or recalling short term events.  Or maybe the problem is her delay in speech.  Whatever it is, it's caused from the stroke.  Because of this she is unable to tell us what happened at school that day, a friend that she made, or even what she ate for lunch.  There are large portions of her day that I know nothing about.  

So, what was her big accomplishment that evening?  Her dad helped her verbalize what I saw in her eyes as a story she would have like to tell me...Buckling her seatbelt all by herself!   It was a proud moment for us as we all celebrated...in the garage.

We'll take what we can get, one small step at a time.

...our adventure continues.
Olivia's proud mommy