Monday, September 30, 2013

A whole new world

My occupation is an RN. Currently, I work as a course instructor at a school of nursing.  My job is to educate future nurses.  I spend hours preparing objectives, lectures, exams, quizzes and teaching on the clinical unit.

I admit that I feel guilty that I devote so many hours of the day educating others when I have a child at home in need of learning a basic function--sight.

I am concerned when I send her off to school that she will be learning in an atmosphere and a way that CVI children need to learn.

I have to somehow learn to let go and entrust other people, other professionals, to do their job.
But do they really know about CVI and all that it entails?   Are they good enough for my child?   I believe every parent feels this way regardless of the situation.

I do understand how crucial these early years are in the development of her vision. It can improve.  But how?
Traditional methods used for visually impaired children to learn do not work for children with cortical visual impairment.  The educators need to realize this and be, adapt her learning appropriately.  So my goal is to find that way. I am in search.

Bridging into Phase III on the CVI Range is a miraculous happening for my sweet Olivia.  But the road through phase 3 seems to be a very complicated one. One that even the experts in the field don't know how to conquer.  

So I accept that challenge. I vow to find a way.  My goal is for Olivia to reach a 10 on the CVI range.  A 10 means that she functions as a child with no visual impairment would function.  Why not? Why not attempt to reach for 10?  

Remembering back to our NICU days about a week after Olivia was born, I remember one of the neonatologist saying to us, "Reach for the stars.  If you miss, you have lost nothing."  This became one of the most influential statements of the week.  This became our approach to Olivia and to her future.  

So I might have a Masters in Nursing with a focus in nursing education, but I feel like I am back in kindergarten, where Olivia is.  I am learning letters, numbers, shapes in a whole new way.  I am also learning about CVI.  Something just a few years ago I had never heard of. 

It is a whole new world.  

...our adventure continues 
Olivia's mom