Saturday, June 27, 2015

PCVI Society fundraising presentation

I was honored to present the fundraising check to the Pediatric CVI Society!  It was an awesome experience. I was asked to say a few words during the luncheon to the entire group of conference attendees. 
                                         Pictured beside me is the Pediatric CVI Society Board. 

Here are my remarks:
"First, I want to thank Dr. Legge for inviting me to say a few words today, but I also want to thank you ALL for committing to learn more about CVI and ultimately improving the future of those children diagnosed with CVI.
I write a blog chronicling our journey with our 7 years old daughter Olivia and her CVI diagnosis. I asked my husband to be a guest writer this past Father's Day. He said it best when he described our approach we have used with Olivia as a 'all hands on deck' approach. Meaning, involvement of all members of a team is needed and required, especially to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. 
And that's what brings us to Omaha and what motivated us to begin fundraising for the PCVI Society. You are all here, 'on deck'.
When we first started this journey with CVI I considered myself a novice, but now I consider myself almost a parental expert in the field. A field where it's hard to find someone who truly understands CVI. I live with it everyday. 
I believe those of you here, including the parents, come together with a common purpose. I believe in the mission and goals of the PCVI society. I believe a better future awaits. 
Last year as I was browsing the internet, I saw from the meeting minutes was the intent to form a society. But first they needed a startup amount of $12,000 before that could turn into a reality. I knew we had to help. Our initial goal was $500. The amount grew and we continued to surpass each new goal. Now, I encourage any of you to take on the challenge of fundraising. So, 'All hands on deck' of this ship we call CVI. 
It is with pleasure that we present our fundraising in honor of our sweet Olivia for $7,700 to the Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment Society."

Our adventure continues...
Olivia's #1 fundraiser