Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What a surprise!

I was surprised, honored, and humbled to receive this special recognition at the CVI Conference.  Although my name is engraved on the plaque and award, it is all of YOU that have supported our fundraising efforts this past year.  You are the ones that are behind my 'Pediatric CVI Hall of Fame' induction.  I am so proud that Olivia's fundraising was recognized among the experts in the field of CVI.  Now, it thrills me to report that through your generous donations, the PCVI Society is now becoming a reality.  Tears of joy flowed as I accepted this award.

Remarks from Dr. Richard Legge:

"Special Recognition of Anna Ault as the first member of the PCVIS Hall of Fame"

"When conceiving of an appropriate “Thank you” to Anna Ault, it occurred to us that she has done something truly extraordinary.  A simple “Thank you” would not be enough.  Without ever being to a meeting, she dedicated herself heart and soul to making the PCVIS a reality.  We decided that as the history of our society unfolds, there will be those who make special contributions that deserve special recognition.  It was time to create the PCVIS Hall of Fame.  At last night’s Board meeting, Anna Ault was unanimously elected to be the first member of the PCVIS Hall of Fame.  Congratulations Anna!"