Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Special Presentation of Fundraising Check

Special Presentation of Fund Raising Check by Anna Ault to the PCVIS Board:

"We, the Board of the PCVIS, do accept this tremendous contribution. In one dramatic stroke, the timeline for launching the society has been accelerated by at least a year. We know that represented by Anna’s check are many, many people who gave of their time and treasure to make the PCVIS a reality. On behalf of the children and parents who will benefit, the professionals who will learn, and the scientists who will move our knowledge forward, I give our deepest heartfelt thanks. Thank you." ---Dr. Legge 
Richard Legge MD: Neuro-opthamology; Pediatric Opthalomology; Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology UNMC College of Medicine; and President Pediatric CVI Society