Friday, March 13, 2015

Pappy's Angel

"God saw you getting tired 
and a cure was not to be.  
So he put his arms around you 
and whispered, "Come to me."  

A golden heart stopped beating hard
working hands at rest.  
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best." 

Harry "Pappy" Ault, my father-in-law, passed away after surrendering to a long battle with chronic illness.  He always referred to Olivia as,  "Pappy's angel".  He was so proud of her and all of her accomplishments.  There wasn't a time when he saw her or talked about her without a smile appearing on his face.   I take comfort in knowing that Harry is not gone from our lives and that we will carry him with us in our hearts.  And if I know Harry, he will have all the angels in heaven watching over our sweet Olivia in no time at all.   

We are never prepared for the inevitable.   I suppose it's because in those final days, the memories of our life together flood our mind.   We reminisce of days gone by and the laughs that we shared, all the while hoping that one day we will all meet again at heavens pearly gates.  During his last days in the hospital, we watched him practice his cast just like the days of summers past.  I suppose he was dreaming of the times he sat on his boat casting for hours.   I hope the practice has paid off and you are already reeling in big ones.   

Sometimes I'm not sure what Olivia perceives and how she interprets everything.   I do know that last night I watched her clasp her tiny hands together, bow her head, and I heard her say, "Dear God, I pray for Pappy.  I love God, I love Jesus, I love Pappy, Amen"   I'd say that's pretty awesome company to keep.  

I don't know how Olivia will handle the events of the next couple of days, but if I know her Pappy, he will be there beside her to guide her through.  Now I believe the tides have turned.  In my heart I know that Olivia is not only Pappy's Angel...but Pappy has now become Olivia's Angel.  

Until we meet again...
Love, your favorite Daughter-In-Law.