Sunday, September 29, 2013


"Hope" she smiles...

The word hope was a word I used often in my life previous to the birth of my daughter:
I hope...we win the game.
I hope...I pass my test.
I hope...I make a lot of money.

"Hope" now has an entirely different meaning.  My outlook has changed since my first 30 years.  And it all changed when I heard those words, "Take her home and hope she smiles."

Hope has given me the drive to seek out interventions and modalities that will improve Olivia's life.  It has given us strength when the road that we are on proves to be challenging and frustrating.  It has secured my belief in the blessings of God.  

Hope reminds me that no one is perfect, we all have challenges that we face.  I am proud to be helping Olivia meet those challenges head on.  Hope drives me to find a way. 

Hope doesn't come without disappointments.  I hope for her to see, talk, read and write like all the other kids.  I hope for her to make lasting friendships.  Hope-fully these accomplishments will just take a little more time.  

Lastly, I need to mention what drives hope.  What is the fuel that gives us hope?  Only one word...LOVE

...our adventure continues
"Hope"ful  mom