Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Everything's coming up...daisies

It took time to realize that "it's okay".

It's okay if Olivia doesn't act like all the other kids.  It's okay if she doesn't react the way the other kids do.  It's even okay that she doesn't understand like the other kids. 
It's okay- because whatever she is doing, she is doing it with all of her heart.  She wears her heart on her sleeve.  I've learned the lesson that we should all be more like her. 

Why did this take so long to learn?  Possibly because it takes time to grieve about the loss of the "perfect" child.  I realized that I have not lost anything, but gained everything.   How foolish I was. 

When I finally realized this, I got her involved.   Oh how she loves being with other children.  One of the activities that Olivia is now a part of is Girl Scouts. She is a daisy.  And the moment she was on stage, crossed the bridge and received her daisy smock, was such a proud moment.  I remembered back to the days when we didn't know of she would even be able to sit up, crawl, or the unthinkable...walk.

 And here she is walking on a new path, towards earning and learning new things and it's okay.  It's better than okay.

...our adventure continues
Olivia's a-ok mom